As we move ahead and enter into the second half of 2016, we rejoice at all the great things the

Lord has been doing over the past few months. We have seen so many people get saved and

healed, our church grew and overflowed into two main services on Friday nights, just to be able to

fit all the people coming to church.

Countless humanitarian relief projects and thankful faces and hearts touched by the care and love

of God shown to them through these simple acts of kindness.

We launched for the third consecutive year our ALEPH Discipleship Course for seekers and fresh

new believers, that has proved to be extremely fruitful and has helped people really discover and

ignite their faith while rooting themselves in the Lord.

How incredible is the journey God has taken us on and the victory He has given us: only a few

years ago we were going through a season of some very harsh persecutions that culminated in a a

very aggressive mass 1000-ultra orthodox demonstration against our congregation right outside

our church building.

How sweet was to see the Lord's victory when we had organised our now first of several 1000-

people Gospel Outreach events, where we had brought together 1000 non-believers to hear the

Gospel for the first time! We rejoice in His triumphs over any opposition!

Another amazing project that has been very productive and has helped bring many people closer

to God, simply by walking in Jesus' footsteps through different biblical sites all across Israel. Our

Gospel tours have been a big blessing to people who initially sign up to go just to explore

geographical sites, and when visiting those places, hearing the scriptures and stories that took

place there, the Gospel comes alive time after time before their eyes and Jesus becomes more

real than ever!

People are being touched deeply by God right in those very places where the Bible comes alive for

them, many weep on the bus, asking to be prayed for. The proof is in the open hearts we see time

and time again.

We trust this time around it wouldn't be an exception, as we are organising a special Shavuot

(Pentecost) Gospel Outreach Event in Jerusalem, followed by a tour of some of the most

significant biblical sites in Jerusalem that marked Jesus' journey on earth as well as His last days

when he was crucified, resurrected and then sent His Holy Spirit to give birth to the first church in

Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost.