One Truck – Multiple Uses

We went out into the fields to speak to local Israeli farmers, it was amazing to open the bible and show them specific scriptures that reveal the prophetic significance behind their work.

The labor they do in the fields of Israel is prophetical fulfilment in itself. Cultivating the same fields that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob cultivated, where they saw God’s miracles. In this very land they know work to cultivate, God multiplied the labor and efforts of Isaac who went on to become a very blessed man, in a way that people around him knew He was a man blessed by God.

While speaking to our local farmers and explaining to them the biblical connection to the important work they do today, we found out that when we go directly to our local farmers to purchase from them our fresh produce, we can actually help a lot more people that we currently do. Firstly, we are able to buy more for less and stretch God’s resources to reach even more. Secondly, by doing this we are actually participating actively in biblical prophecies.

“The trees will yield their fruit and the ground will yield its crops; the people will be secure in their land. They will know that I am the Lord, when I break the bars of their yoke and rescue them from the hands of those who enslaved them. They will no longer be plundered by the nations, nor will wild animals devour them. They will live in safety, and no one will make them afraid.”  –  Ezekiel 34:27-28

We are now standing in those very fields God told Ezekiel to prophesy about, they are yielding their crops, when not too long ago these fields were barren, dry and deserted. Nobody cultivated anything in these fields. But the time has come, God spoke to the nations and He brought back His people to the Land He promised them.

With the fulfilment of that prophesy, God continued fulfilling more and more of His promises! With the return of His people, the blessing also returned to this land. The very fields that were barren before, are now experiencing the fullness of God’s blessing.

Together we can touch these fields, we can walk through them, we see with our very eyes the reality of God fulfilling His promise in the most powerful way. We can also be a part of biblical prophecies, we can bless many people and we’re going to see the glory of God.

Something as small and seemingly “unspiritual” as a truck is what we actually need to embark on this journey of connecting Israeli farmers, families in need, our local congregation as well as our humanitarian work.

It is as simple as that: To be more effective in blessing Israel, we just need a truck. In contrast to other countries, it’s not a vehicle that is widely used in Israel, unless it’s for industrial or agricultural work. Which is why it is also significantly higher in price than in other countries.

There are so many uses for this one vehicle that will be used for the work of the gospel, as well as for humanitarian efforts in helping people in need.

Primarily we want to expand our humanitarian outreach into blessing the people in need we work with, also with fresh produce directly from the fields by working with local Israeli farmers.

It will bless both the people, as well as the community of farmers we will be working with. As we all know, they need all the help they can get during this Covid19 crisis. As believers our goal is to be a blessing to as many as we can.

Something as “small” as a truck, can mean years and years of incredible blessing to so many people through the different aspects of our ministry and the use for this tool.

Here’s an example for some of its uses for us specifically:

Loading and distributing with our volunteers tons of fresh produce purchased directly from our local farmers whom have graciously and selflessly donated so much fruit and vegetables to our families in need during the lockdown. We want to continue such a fruitful collaboration with them that will bless both the farmers and the families we help feed.
Helping deliver donated furniture to newly immigrated families.
Loading and distributing books and bibles from print houses in Jerusalem to mission fields.
Distribute donated medical equipment to elderly and disabled people.
Youth camps and discipleship retreats in the desert, when we take our young people for a few days into the wilderness, help them set up camp with all the necessary equipment to spend a few days with the Lord being discipled and built up. It is our way of investing in our future spiritual leaders, and its not something we can minimise the importance of.

Currently we need $23,000 in order to purchase this truck. We’d love for you to prayerfully consider investing in such a far-reaching project that makes you part of God’s prophecy.