There are no coincidences with God

When our volunteers were visiting elderly people in a local hostel, they confused the floors and accidentally knocked on Eleonor’s door. She wasn’t on our list of people to visit and bring food basket to, but with God nothing is coincidental.

She opened the door and found out about Beit Hallel’s humanitarian work, which she asked to sign up for because she lives alone in the hostel, and she also helps her disabled daughter.

We came back two days later to visit Eleanor and she invited us to come in. We had a wonderful time together, she was very eager to hear more about God, said she actually has a bible and she reads Psalms sometimes.

Eleanor asked us to pray for her healing, and said she felt such a powerful touch on her during prayer. There was no denying God was touching her at that moment! She was so thankful that we came to visit her, saying: “I know it was God who sent you to me.”

Recently she underwent a complex surgery, and she said the doctors nearly lost her on the operations table, they miraculously managed to save her life – she was clearly seeing God’s hand in it.

Her heart was so open and ready to hear about the Lord and what He has done for her, we prayed for her and she marvelled each time there was a word from God for her during that prayer. It was just beautiful to see how Eleanor literally opened the door, invited us in… and ended up opening the door to Yeshua, inviting Him into her heart!