Devotional message with Pastor Israel on the Mount of Olives

During Shavuot (Pentecost), I felt the urge to go up to Jerusalem and celebrate it where God had commanded this feast to be celebrated.

We had a chance to go on Pentecost Sunday, after having celebrated Shavuot a few days earlier according to the Jewish calendar.

Standing on Mt. Olives on Pentecost Sunday it was incredible to see that while every year during this time there is nowhere to move on Mt. Olives due to the huge amount of tour buses, people and tourists visiting that place, it was remarkably empty and quiet.

Not a soul in sight. The consequences of COVID19 worldwide lockdown.

As I was standing overlooking Jerusalem from a usually extremely busy spot on Mt. Olives, with only my associate pastor Eitan accompanying me, it was a moment of incredible stillness, peace and reflection.

I wanted to take this special time away from my regular schedule and to visit Mt. Olives specially for you, so I can record a special message for you while overlooking this remarkable City of the Great King. It’s a way of taking you to Jerusalem, to Mt. Olives, while you’re still away, at home, quarantined, and aren’t able to be here yourself.

I wanted to stand on Mt. Olives, where Yeshua stood, and read the Bible, examine the prophecies, and perhaps allow you to see, feel and experience the Spirit and the anointing of special place and it’s surroundings in light of what is happening currently in the world, especially now during such significant feast of Pentecost.

Shavuot – Pentecost was a biblical feast given by the Lord Himself. The disciples had an incredibly unique Shavuot experience when they celebrated it after Yeshua’s death and resuscitation — for the following 40 days He visited them daily and taught them. You could say it was a Bible School for apostles.

Yeshua instructed them to stay in Jerusalem and wait. The disciples came to Mt. Olives, stood where I was standing while broadcasting live on Facebook. Yeshua told them to stay and wait for the Spirit to come.

It wasn’t hard for the disciples to follow that instruction, because they grow up with biblical feasts and traditions. They knew it was only 10 days before the Feast of Shavuot – Pentecost and they would have to be in Jerusalem anyway for the feast. The Temple was in full preparation for the feast, but the disciples knew Yeshua was going to do something really special. So they stayed; praying, waiting and expecting. I’m sure they felt in the spirit that whatever Yeshua does, it will be connected to three Feast of Shavuot, to the fulfillment of the biblical prophecies given in the Old Testament.

While standing on Mt. Olives, I thought about that last encounter the disciples had with Yeshua when He told them to stay and wait, that they will receive power to become His witnesses — in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.

Two thousand years later, we — the Jewish believers and followers of Yeshua, together with believers from the nations, we wait on Yeshua as we celebrate the Spirit of God and the kingdom life manifesting in us.

When Yeshua said goodbye to His disciples, He ascended to heaven before their very eyes, and it says that angels appeared.

I love that part of the story, because it is so relevant to us today. While disciples were looking up at Yeshua ascending into heaven, the angel said to them: Why are you standing there, looking up? It’s time to pray and prepare to receive Power and Holy Spirit.

So as I was standing on Mt. Olives preparing to go up to the Upper Room where the Holy Spirit came down on the disciples and filled them with His power, I saw how unnaturally empty Jerusalem looked and felt without you. Without our brothers and sisters from the nations who visit us here in the Land, bringing with you so much of God’s love, power and prayers.

The City of the Great King is not the same without you. The Land of Israel isn’t the same without you. We do need you here.

I know how many have had to change and cancel their plans to be in Israel during this time, some had to be here on Mt. Olives where I stood recording this message for you. And I could definitely sense this nation, this city, this land needs you more than ever. It’s not the same without you. Jerusalem isn’t the same without those beautiful groups of precious believers from the nations walking in its streets.

We trust that days of certain normality are right around the corner, and we are waiting for you, we are looking forward to having our dear brothers and sisters in Christ walking the golden streets of Jerusalem with us, praying together, worshipping side by side as we watch Israeli Mediterranean sunsets, and sit by the shore of the Sea of Galilee.

Know that you are missed! The nation of Israel needs your friendship, it needs you to visit us. Your love, anointed presence and powerful prayers drive this nation forward, and we have felt it here now more than ever when we are all separated by worldwide lockdown.

We pray God will restore the connection and the fellowship, that it won’t be long before we are able to receive you here again and celebrate together the bond of One New Man in Christ that God has formed.

Praying for you, your family, loved ones, your church, city and country. May He protect your and guide you through these days, as we are coming out on the other side of the storm.