Elana’s Testimony

ElenaThe following is the story of a young woman, Elana, who had invited our outreach team to spend time with her and her family and to pray for them. She had immigrated to Israel a year ago along with her husband, her children, and her in-laws, and they all live in the same small apartment. Elana had recently had surgery on her reproductive organs, and when we visited her, she told us that she still felt quite ill from the aftereffects of the operation. There were complications and she had been suffering from bleeding since the surgery. Upon arriving at their apartment, we noticed that she was very pale and we offered to pray for her healing. The entire family gathered together with us and we prayed for her and her family in the name of Yeshua. The next day, Elana said that she woke up to find that the bleeding had stopped completely, and it immediately dawned upon her that the Lord had healed her body.

Another result of our team’s prayers in Yeshua’s name was that the entire family was able to sleep in peace once again They’ve had constant noises in and around the apartment at night, and have had trouble sleeping. They investigated the source of the noises, asking the neighbours and landlord if they had any idea, but there wasn’t a single reason or explanation found. These noises, which we believe was a spiritual attack on this family, were no longer a problem after our prayer and Elana told us that she believes it’s a miracle from Yeshua and a supernatural breakthrough for her family.

She also testified that she used to despise the apartment, but that she had discovered a newfound love for it after we had prayed. Elana has also in the meantime started attending a cell group and is looking forward to attending Beit Hallel’s services and growing in the Lord. Hallelujah!