Summer for God

On July 1st we officially started our “Summer for God” youth summer camp.

What a wonderful opportunity to give these kids the experience of a lifetime at such a young age.

They get to be immersed in biblical teaching, serve people in need in their community through our different social and humanitarian projects, aside from fun team building activities, we also organize day trips to biblical sites where they get to experience the Bible come alive in the most unique way. It’s something no other country could offer them.

Imagine you lived merely 30 mins outside Elah Valley, the place where David defeated Goliath? How about if you lived an hour away from Mount of Olives, the Upper Room or Gethsemane?

Our youth doesn’t have to imagine. It is their reality. All these incredible places packed with God’s presence and history are a short drive away. These places are powerful witnesses that tell a remarkable story, which leaves no one untouched.

That is what happened this week when during part of our camp excursions we took our youngsters to Jerusalem, and while in the Upper Room they heard a powerful message from one of pastors, Eitan and they were just filled with the Spirit.
What a privilege to offer our young people this remarkable opportunity to experience the Lord in such a powerful way and at such a young age. This discipleship summer camp is offering them just that, and we’d love it if you would prayerfully consider sowing into this project, so we can continue this program until the end of summer.