Prayer Points

  1. Understanding and Wisdom how to conduct our humanitarian projects, outreaches, and church services as effectively as possible during the imminent Covid-19 nationwide lockdown of Israel.
  2. The development and growth of our leadership seminars, discipleship training, bible school, youth ministry and more!
  3. Despite covid-19, we continue to do home visits, conduct outreaches and to evangelise (within the restrictions set by the government) and we are seeing many come to faith. Please pray for all these new believers!
  4. The birthing and multiplication of new home groups. Our church has many small groups, but we need more!
  5. More monthly donors and financial stability to continue conducting our outreaches and projects despite the financial decrease during Covid-19.
  6. For the Israeli government. We see many protests taking place, division in the nation, deep distrust in the government, uncertainty and rage among the populace! The government needs lots of prayers and they need change.