Youth discipleship camp in the Galilee

“Start children off on the way they should go,

    and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” – Proverbs 22:8

 Despite the obstacles that 2020 has put in our way, we haven’t given up on what still matters; investing in our youth. Now more than ever, seeing the world in such a terrible state and witnessing the uncertainty the future holds, we need to be the torchbearers that will pass it onto our young people, showing them the right path.

These young passionate followers of Yeshua have so much to give to this confused and lost world, that we consider it a great privilege to be able to sow into their lives, by training them up in the ways of the Lord.

 One of most powerful experiences we can provide for our youth is a discipleship camp in the Galilee. Three days of sleeping under the stars, camping right outside the Sea of Galilee, the place that meant so much to Yeshua. Three days of fellowship, challenges, hikes and activities all aimed at challenging them beyond their natural abilities, with the goal being preparing them and training them to overcome obstacles in life, while helping and serving each.

The whole concept is to go through all the challenges while helping one another, whether to help their mates swim through streams, hold someone’s rope knowing that their peer’s life is in their hands and you cannot let go when you feel weak.

 There’s so much laughter, as well as tears; young people breaking down, then picking themselves up again and finishing. So much is revealed to them, about the kind of character God wants to form in them, and how much their decisions influence their peers, how important it is to serve each other in order to finish the race together, leaving no one behind.

It was also all about shifting focus from themselves onto others, and realising they have the ability to help sustain someone in their hardships along the way, despite themselves going through challenges in life.

 During this confusing and challenging time, our youth has really shown commitment and maturity while helping Beit Hallel Congregation’s humanitarian and social projects. They have been a tremendous blessing to us, and showed how unselfish they can actually be in moments of truth. We were able to rely on them for so much, and this is an important way for us to bless them in strengthening them through this 3-day camp.

 If your heart is burning for young people, please see how you can sow into this important part of our ministry, so you can become a torchbearer that will pass it on to those who will carry it after us.