Back to School Project — Praise Report

Every year our Back to School project touches so many families that face the challenges of sending their kids back to school, without having the resources to buy them even the basic school supplies. Which is why this project is so essential.

One of the families we helped was one that recently immigrated to Israel from Russia.

Their story is unique, because they didn’t have a real need to leave their life behind and move to Israel. But at one point, they said they felt unease, lack of peace… they felt drawn and compelled to leave everything and move to Israel.

They did. The reality of that move was challenging; they had to start from scratch in a country as tough as Israel.

They found Beit Hallel and contacted us to receive our humanitarian aid, and today they testify to just how much it has helped them and changed their lives. Aside from the material and practical help we are able to offer them; the moral and spiritual support from our team, the one-on-one prayers when they would come to pick up their food package or a piece of furniture we were able to give them — that has been invaluable to them. Knowing they have someone to rely on, a helping hand, a caring heart, to feel cared for and supported in times of uncertainty when they start their new life in Israel, that has made a world of difference.

During the Covid restrictions in Israel, while we are still unable to gather as a congregation, or even more than 20 people at once; we had to get creative and find ways to minister to people in newer ways that fit the current reality.

Our interaction with the people we assist and work with through our humanitarian relief projects has become closer, more intimate, whether it’s prayers or consultations, we are able to devote more time to each family or person individually since we can’t do large gatherings.

One of those projects was Back to School. Aside from blessing families that are in need, we were also able to have more time with them since we had to spread out our distribution days and create capsules (smaller groups) of people that can come at one time for their children’s backpacks and school supplies.

This time is definitely teaching us the value of closer, capsule or even one on one interaction with people. That fellowship is deeper and bonds us more than anything before.