Discipling leaders where Yeshua discipled — Capernaum

Having to create new ways to gather and “do church”, to train and disciple leaders, it has been a challenge under current circumstances and ongoing restriction in Israel.

We are still unable to gather more than 20 people in a closed space, which eliminates possibility to hold services. One solution was to take advantage of what this land has to offer and find creative and inspiring solutions for us to gather together.

Galilee is such an amazing place, it offers so much. A spot where Yeshua taught and trained his disciples the most is Capernaum. That is the place where we will be returning to again this upcoming weekend, so we can be do leadership training in the very same place Yeshua trained his disciples.

God never leaves us without solutions. If something is taken from us, we just need to allow Him to show us what is His solution for us.

Please pray and consider supporting discipleship and leadership training in Israel.