Yeshua is still walking in the Galilee touching hearts  

Our recent youth discipleship camp was a powerful one on so many levels. It wasn’t a colorful and loud conference that always jumpstarts our young people. Instead, it was a life-changing and thought-provoking experience that made many of our youngsters encounter Yeshua in the most real way, in the place He held so dearly: the Galilee.

Aside from the fun activities and camping, we had an awesome program in place, with powerful bible studies, touching worship sessions, bonding and fellowship that can only be achieved once we were disconnected from city noise and surrounded by nature.

The encounters our young people experienced with God marked them for good.

During our last night’s quiet and acoustic worship session, the Lord showed up in such a powerful way.

Rachel, one of the young girls, comes from a non-believing family. The great fellowship and the wonderful support she has felt in our youth ministry has driven her to continue her journey with us. She says, she believed in God, but never gave her faith much thought.

That quiet instrumental worship our last night at the camp changed everything for her. Yeshua came and touched her so powerfully, that it actually frightened her. She was visibly shaken. Through tears and shivers, she testified that she never planned on changing her life all that much. She believed in God, but now she felt she truly met Him… and she didn’t know what to do anymore. She felt her whole life before this moment is not the life she wants to carry on with.

Rachel said: “I had my plans for my life.

And now what do I do? I can’t continue my life as though nothing happened. He’s alive and real, and He changed everything.“

She says, she always believed in God, but to experience Him in such a real way changed everything for her, and she just couldn’t go back to the way life was before this encounter.

God touched our youth, and they felt they were drowning in the depth of Yeshua and His reality. That’s how powerful He made these kids experience  our Galilee camp.

Another young girl from a good believing home, testified in tears that she closed her eyes during our quiet acoustic evening worship session, and when she opened her eyes, Yeshua was standing right in front of her. She couldn’t believe her eyes!

No big conference, no fireworks, no sound system… just quiet acoustic worship session with some young people sitting around their tents camping in the Galilee, they discovered Yeshua never left that place. He’s still here! He still walks along the shore of the Sea of Galilee, He still desires to “feed” the hungry.

God came in the silence of Galilee to our young people that came looking to experience an encounter with Him, and Yeshua did not disappoint. In that quiet worship, Yeshua came through and spoke to them louder than any microphone at any conference.