Three week national lock down during the high holidays

Israel’s biggest challenge yet – Three week national lockdown on eve of Rosh Hashanah

On the eve of Rosh Ha-Shana, Israel is facing its biggest challenge yet as we are headed into a second full-on nationwide three-week lockdown – the first country in the world to go into a second national lockdown in 5 months.

The implications of that are grave. Israel is a very small country, the size of Wales, of the state of New Jersey to be exact. The effects of Covid worldwide have been known, and each country has been dealing with the crisis it inflicted. Israel’s economy has received a massive blow earlier this year when the first lockdown drove the unemployment rate to a record breaking all-time high of 22 percent.

As the nation is entering into the High Holy Day season which has profound importance to the entire nation, the situation paints to be quite chaotic with people in a state of discontent and frustration.

Economically, Israel is far from recovering from the effects of the first lockdown that has already caused more than 30,000 businesses to close down permanently. Currently we look to the Lord for guidance and wisdom to this nation, because the effects fo the second lockdown could be devastating for such a small and fairly young nation that is mainly built on entrepreneurship – something that the lockdowns have halted completely.

What does the second lockdown mean for us?

With the education system fully closed and the local economy halted for at least 3 weeks, it is expected we will see a bigger rise in unemployment, with more families coming to us for help and assistance.

During the past months Beit Hallel’s humanitarian relief team has been working around the clock trying to get to every family in need, many of them were left with no jobs and no means to support themselves. One example of how devastating the crisis is for some people was a young single mother who contacted us crying, because she was laid off a few months ago and has been unable to pay rent or utilities, but her biggest pain was that she had no more food left in the house for her children. She didn’t know what else to do, so she picked up the phone and contacted us. Our team was able to provide her with food packages and some supplies for her kids, and we’ve been doing that for months now with her and so many other families that literally depend on the aid we are able to offer them.

The current situation is incredibly strenuous on so many families that are struggling to survive as it is.

Beit Hallel is gearing up towards intensifying and increasing our reach through our COVID Relief Fund. Our communities need us more than ever, this is the time for us to show that when everything else fails and all other doors close, God’s door is always open and He never fails! The testimony of God’s goodness, how He comes through in desperate times when no one else can help is more powerful than any words we can say.

Our goal is to be the extension of God’s love and generosity during this time; to show that during Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Ha-Shana) God’s voice will still trump all other voices.

Helping local families in need, praying with them and distributing food among them is still the most impactful way to share the message of God’s love through the generous blessings of Christians like you. Few things touch a person’s heart like knowing someone half across the world cared so much, that he made sure you had food on the table during turbulent times.

For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishables, and we will be changed.
1 Corinthians 15:52

During this very significant Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Ha-Shana), as the nation of Israel prepares to sound the shofars (trumpets) in celebration of the Lord’s festival, we as believers fixate our gaze on our Lord Yeshua, eagerly awaiting the sound of the last shofar that will announce the return of our King Messiah Yeshua.

Our prayer is that this upcoming year of 5781 brings to you and your loved ones an abundant harvest of every good thing God has prepared for you! May you receive the answers to your prayers and the fulfilment of promises in your life, and may the Lord’s presence be your daily reality, wherever you may be.

Shana Tova to you and yours!


Pastor Israel