Whatever is done out of love is well done

Acts of mercy during times of Covid

In the midst of hardships and unprecedented challenges we’re currently facing in Israel due to Covid and the total national lockdown, we still see God’s night hand in action, and we are thankful for the victories He gives us during this important time.

Despite the incredibly tight restrictions we aren’t even allowed to gather for prayer or worship currently. I’m able to broadcast online services from my home, without any of our team present.

Thankfully our humanitarian relief work was acknowledged as essential work, and we were granted a special permit that allows our staff to continue reaching families in need, some are quarantined and cannot even go to a nearby grocery store. We are able to bring to people’s doorsteps food packages they desperately need right now.

Our staff and team of volunteers are more motivated than ever to come to people’s doorsteps and aside from bringing food, also comfort and encourage people during this difficult time. We’ve heard from so many of them how invaluable our care and support has been for them through these challenging times.

Many of these families have lost their jobs, new immigrants, widows, people with disabilities, holocaust survivors, single mothers with small children that aren’t receiving any government assistance currently. The spectrum of people Beit Hallel is helping is so vast, yet each person counts, because each life matters.

God is all about people. Whatever we are able to do for those in need during this critical time thanks to your generosity, is all done out of Love.

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