Christmas coming full circle and returning to Israel

The birth (nativity) that changed the whole world, and is currently the reason millions around the world are celebrating together the most important time of the year. The birth of our Messiah who gave us life, light and salvation.

However, in Israel Christmas is still a foreign concept, and isn’t celebrated at all. How is that possible? The land that gave the world a Savior… doesn’t celebrate at all. To most Israelis, Christmas is just an international holiday that has something to do with a Christmas tree and buying presents. When the true meaning of Christmas couldn’t be father from that!

How could Yeshua become foreign to His own? Could there be anything more Israeli than a Jewish messiah who was born in this very land (not far from where we live, actually)!

He is the God of Israel, and we see it as a personal responsibility as believers to bring back the true meaning of Christmas back to this land.

Help us bring back to Israel the celebration of His birth, His life, and the eternal life He came to bring.

We are gearing up towards blessing countless Israeli families and children this Christmas with wonderful gifts, while sharing with them the truth of their Jewish Messiah who was born not too far from here.

When you give and take part in this special Christmas aimed at blessing Israelis with the knowledge of Yeshua, you’re releasing joy and prophetic fulfillment of His birth.

Help us bring true Christmas back to Israel, that which is all about life and celebration of Yeshua’s gift to the world.

Through your year-end donations, prayer and support, you are changing lives in Israel, and your acts glorify God!