Motty’s testimony – The faces behind the stories

When our volunteers gear up to visit people’s homes during these uncertain times, with Covid restrictions and lockdowns looming over us, they know that each knock on someone’s door might open up an opportunity for that person to experience God’s love and His knock on the door of their hearts.

That is the reason why each person and each story matters. It’s not the spectacular miraculous testimonies, it’s the quiet and relentless pursuit of God, His loving heart in finding the broken ones and mending them, using our work and your generosity to reach them when they need God most.

Motty is a 19 year-old IDF soldier who moved to Israel with his family only a few years ago. About 1.5 years ago tragedy hit his family when his father suddenly passed away and his mom was left alone with 4 children to raise.

This young man knows he cannot ask his mom for anything, because she barely has enough for his little brothers and sisters. So he was left with only his army boots and his only other pair of shoes: trainers that were so torn he couldn’t even use them anymore.

When we learned about his situation, our volunteers quickly managed to find two pairs of trainers in his size at our storage center where we keep all the donated goods, and it was as though the sun came out for this dear young man! He was so thankful for something that might seem so small, but to him it meant everything. His heart was really full, and he couldn’t believe someone would care enough to do that for him.

Helping people through humanitarian projects, acts of kindness and care, opens people’s hearts through gratitude. An open heart is able to hear God’s knock and sense His love a lot faster than a heart closed by despair.

It’s the small things that make the biggest difference in one’s life.

Which is why no gift you give can ever be considered too insignificant, even your smallest seed makes a world of a difference for the people we are helping!