Bless Israeli families with the gift of Christmas

With Christmas time upon us, many are busy putting the finishing touches on their last minute gift wrapping and Christmas dinner menu.

That is not the reality for many families here in Israel. While struggling to even put food on the table, they are humbled and thankful for the little spark of joy we are able to bring them with our festive food parcels with a little gift for their children.
Imagine having to depend on someone’s kindness and generosity in order to see a smile on your child’s face or feed your family after having lost even the little you had over the course of this difficult year.

That is the reality for the families we are currently busy helping. Our team has been working around the clock, bringing children a little Christmas joy, and the families some much needed food supplies.

Kindness and goodwill aren’t just a reflection of the Christmas season and what it represents, it is also God’s own character manifested in His unconditional ways to love and provide. It’s not always about the reward, or the blessing that follows the giver (which is a biblical fact), sometimes it is simply displaying God’s own qualities and character in us: helping for the sake of helping, loving because He first loved us.

We give not because we get something in return, but simply because we’re givers, because it’s God’s nature in us.

Can there be a better representation of Christmas than showing generosity, kindness and goodwill towards those who are less fortunate than us?

Consider blessing Israeli families with the true gift of Christmas: kindness shown through generosity.