In Isaiah 6:8 we read “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Chaim and Miriam are a husband-and-wife evangelist team at Beit Hallel Congregation, whose lives and ministry beautifully personify this scripture we just read in Isaiah 6:8. They have literally laid down everything for the upward calling in Jesus, and have counted all things as loss for the surpassing worth of knowing Yeshua, their Lord and Savior.

Chaim & Miriam

It’s no easy task to step out in complete faith, especially when you have 5 young children at home! Nevertheless, when they heard the call of God, they responded with the same words as Isaiah, “Here am I. Send me!” The Lord has rewarded their obedience and faith with many Israelis coming to a saving knowledge of Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel.

Chaim & Miriam

Chaim and Miriam are continually out into the field to visit, minister, and comfort Holocaust Survivors, New Immigrants, Single Mothers, and Widows, as well as the sick and the poor. Not only are they ministering the Word of God, but they are also radiating the nature of God through their love for the lost, their marriage relationship, their relationship with their children, and their sacrificial dedication to those for whom Yeshua’s heartbreaks, and that has been an evangelism tool of great power and efficacy.
Here are a couple of beautiful testimonies from Chaim and Miriam’s visits to the people of Ashdod during the past few weeks…

“We had the privilege of recently visiting a Jewish family, Victor and Nadezhda, who had just made aliyah from Lugansk in the Ukraine. As Victor was a Jew, he and his wife felt a calling to return to their Jewish homeland of Israel. Their daughter and her husband had already taken the step of making aliyah six years before, so Victor felt confident that the time had come to join them in Israel.

We got in touch with Victor and his family through our projects in Ashdod, and we established a wonderful friendship with them. We invited them to attend our events at Beit Hallel Congregation to which they gladly agreed. During our most recent visit to their home, we spent time in fellowship, and we prayed for their needs. We also asked them if we could share our testimonies with them. They replied that they would love to hear more about our walk with Jesus.

Chaim & Miriam

Victor and Nadezhda were really touched by our testimonies of how we got saved and of what the Lord had done in our lives. We shared from the Bible on God’s plan of redemption through Jesus, and of eternal life in Heaven. Victor and Nadezhda were very open and right after we prayed for them, their eyes shone with tears. They then took the next step and prayed the Sinner’s Prayer, and their lives were renewed through the blood of Yeshua. The Lord had touched them at the heart level and a fresh hunger to know the Lord had been awoken in them.

Victor and Nadezhda have slotted in nicely at Beit Hallel and have been attending our outreaches, Shabbat meetings and church outings. They have also joined a wonderful home group where they have been flourishing. We thank the Lord for the work that He has done in their lives, and we look forward to seeing what plans the Lord has for them!

Chaim & Miriam

We also visited a 43-year-old woman, Svetlana, who attended our evangelism event in the Galilee. She had been in the country for 10 years now, and over the years she went through two divorces, and she shared with us that she was tired of pulling her family and children apart all the time.
We shared the Gospel with her and offered to pray with her, to which she agreed. The Lord was touching Svetlana as we prayed for her, and she wept tears of repentance. We asked her if she was ready to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior, and she said that she was. As soon as she made that decision to pray the prayer of repentance, she also called her daughter to join her in prayer. Svetlana received the Lord right there and then along with her daughter, and she was flooded with relief and joy.

We could see that Svetlana and her family would never be the same again! We invited Svetlana to start attending services at Beit Hallel and to enroll for our discipleship course, to which she happily agreed. Hallelujah!”