Entering the secret place of daughterhood

This past Shabbat we held a powerful annual women’s conference here at Beit Hallel. It dove into the sensitive topics of what women keep secret in the hidden places of their hearts, the place where only God has access to.

This conference has made tremendous strides throughout the past few years, and the lives of hundreds of women have been touched by the love of God and the saving knowledge of Yeshua through this important event.

Nurturing and caring for women in our society and community has to be our top priority. Their labor is immense, and we can never fully comprehend the intensity of their devotion and love, we can only humbly receive it and give them back by empowering them, as well as providing opportunities to encounter God in the secret and quiet places of the heart.

Women who have attended our conferences in the past often testify with tears in their eyes about how they’ve found true friendship, acceptance, help and salvation through these important events.

This year was even more impactful, after a year of the challenges Covid brought our way, this conference was more crucial than ever. Our team worked around the clock to truly make it a blessing to our ladies.

Here’s a glimpse into the powerful moments God blessed His daughters with during the conference: