When ordinary acts are driven by extraordinary love

God’s kindness is as profound as it is multifaceted. There is always a reason behind specific humanitarian projects He calls us to do — that reason is always love.

When there’s a specific cause or need, we know God is passionate not only about fulfilling that need but also to teach us in the process how to grow in compassion and kindness towards those He sees in need.

When we first began running our Back To School Project, providing underprivileged kids with textbooks, backpacks school supplies for the new school year, we knew this project was important and much needed. However, only after hearing the touching testimonies of just how much of an impact a project that specific can have on a family’s life, did we realize the magnitude and importance of it.

Elena’s story was one that really showcased the impact the Back To School Project has on the people and children it benefits.

Elena moved to Israel a little over a year ago. She’s a single mother who packed the little belongings she had and immigrated to Israel — a country whose language she didn’t speak, no one she knew who could help, and heavily relying on social assistance she was able to receive from the state-based on her newly immigrated status.

When Covid hit earlier last year, Elena lost her job, was struggling to find any kind of work due to lockdowns, and her state-funded social help ran out. She couldn’t even organize any summer activities for her little daughter who was just starting first grade, while Elena had no resources to purchase all the supplies and textbooks she would need.

Hearing about Beit Hallel’s Back To School Project and how much it helps families and kids in need before the start of a school year, Elena burst into tears! She never imagined she’d be able to find help with such a specific need, and she had no idea how she’d be able to send her child to her first day of school without any school supplies, or even a backpack, simply because she couldn’t afford that kind of “luxury”.

Elena’s overwhelming gratitude is one of many that we hear so often during the months we run this project, trying to raise the necessary funds to answer the needs of so many children before the school year.

God is very intentional and purposeful in His way of doing things, nothing is random, and everything has a deep meaning.

A project as specific as Back To School that aims to provide 400 kids with school supplies, has opened our eyes to so many specific needs in our community, as well as opening the hearts of so many families and kids that literally receive an answer to their prayer and are more thankful than you can imagine.

A gift of $100 provides one child with a backpack, school supplies, and some textbooks they need for the first days of school.

When you see the face of the child you were blessed with through that gift, you know it was your best $100 investment.

Invest in the schooling of these children