A generation that is infamously known for being glued to their cellphones, is the very generation we need to work extra hard at getting them disconnected from the digital world for a minute, and plug them into the spiritual world where they will experience far greater and more real things than anything this world has to offer.

With that idea in mind we launched Summer for God Youth Program, to provide our young kids with the opportunity to experience a different kind of summer, one that is filled with God, worship, history, fellowship, service to others, experiences and connections that have little to do with wifi.

To hear from one of the teens that they are so wholeheartedly invested and captivated during the days they spend with our youth leaders, that they forget to even take their cellphones out, says a lot.

God is moving among them powerfully, leaving His imprints all over their hearts and lives during this unique Summer for God program.

They’ve had the opportunity to help with our humanitarian projects: unloading, packing, distributing — learning the value of true service. Also getting to visit some amazing biblical places in Israel, walk through ancient tunnels, soak up the history that deepens their relationship with Yeshua.

When you take teenagers to the Upper Room in Jerusalem, sit them down, and just allow them to experience the profundity of what happened in that very room over 2000 years ago, when young disciples, much like them, sat, waited and received God’s promise — the outriding of the Holy Spirit!

No one can remain indifferent living through an experience like that, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to allow our young kids to experience them.

“Summer for God” has quickly turned into God’s summer for our young people.

Would you consider into our youth ministry that works towards raising a godly generation of future servant leaders?