As the summer slowly approaches the end, all our youth will return to school on September 1st. Their summer vacation will be over and they will once again be immersed in the daily activities of the outside world.

Spending the summer in our Beit Hallel Youth Program has provided them with a break, a safe haven from the world around them; a place they could be immersed in fellowship, prayer, teachings, dynamic activities, projects and service to the community. It was a time of growth and cultivation for them, and we are privileged to have been able to invest in our youth in such an important way.

Now with the summer approaching the end, we want to do something really special and impactful for our young people:

We arranged a 3-day Galilee retreat that is all about discipleship training, powerful teachings, fellowship, and walking in Yeshua’s footsteps around Galilee.

Please pray for this special time, for the Lord’s anointing to make it a life-changing moment for many of these young people.

We would love for you to meet some of the faces of the next generation, the youth of Beit Hallel, to hear what is on their heart, what it’s like for young Israelis to follow Yeshua in the complex Israeli society.