Covid Restrictions back full force — Update

As the world anxiously follows closely the climbing Covid case numbers everywhere, Israel has responded very strictly to the rapid increase in cases.

New (and harsher than ever) restrictions have been imposed once again in Israel, with its borders remaining closed to foreign nationals, and the “green passport” largely used for almost all daily activities from children as little as 3 years old — this summer has proven to be tougher than we ever anticipated.

Currently, as a congregation, we are unable to gather more than 50 people for a worship service, which makes it very challenging for us to have regular services for the whole congregation. We are forced to split into several services to ensure we abide by restrictions and respect the Covid safety protocol currently enforced.

There are talks of an imminent lockdown that Israel might be going into in the upcoming weeks, right for the High Holiday season of biblical feasts.

We are still able to run our humanitarian projects since they fall under the “essential activity” category, but we do feel it is becoming increasingly difficult to carry on our daily church activities as we did since springtime when restrictions were lifted.

Please pray with us for this ongoing battle against Covid and its crippling effects in Israel, as well as in other nations: on our economies, education, and health systems.

Pray for wisdom for our government leaders as they make daily decisions based on ever-changing circumstances, that God will lead them into His divine will for our nation.