You are invited to join Pastor Israel Pochtar for a free dinner and fundraising banquet!

The 3 Feasts

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Join us for a delicious dinner with Pastor Israel Pochtar, the founder of Voice of Judah Israel and Senior Pastor of Beit Hallel Congregation in Ashdod, Israel.
Pastor Israel Pochtar will be sharing on the prophetic significance and many fascinating aspects of the 3 Fall Biblical Feasts:

Rosh Hashanah,
The Feast of Trumpets

Yom Kippur,
The Day of Atonement

The Feast of Tabernacles

We invite you to share a special dinner that will contain prophetic acts while delivering a deep prophetic message of the Lord’s work through the season of the Fall Biblical Feasts.

This event will be held on Friday, October 1, 2021 in Plano, TX.

Registration is required for this FREE event (closes 2 weeks before event).


Since encountering Yeshua, the Messiah, in his youth, Pastor Israel felt the call to reach Israel and the nations with the gospel and make His name known.

After a decade of ministry in Tel Aviv, God showed him a vision about Ashdod and how it will be a part of the revival of Israel. He went on to plant the first-ever Hebrew-speaking congregation in Ashdod, as well as 5 other cities in Israel.

Pastor Israel says, “I live for one purpose; to make Jesus’ name known. We want to prepare Israel for His return and to see the gospel go forth and change our nation.”

With currently only 30,000 believers in the Land, Pastor Israel believes the nation’s biggest need is to know their Messiah — Yeshua, and the nations have a big role to play in it.