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With our annual AWAKE Youth Conference behind us, God is still working powerfully among the young people that attended.

We are continuously receiving amazing testimonies of how much God has touched our teens during the conference and even after, how much of a mark AWAKE21 has left on them and how much they are looking forward to our next Youth Conference.

As we’re already drawing out plans for the next youth conference, we’re driven by the incredible feedback of changed lives of young people that have started a new school year on September 1st, or who have started their military service in the IDF these days.

Most of them have gone into the world with powerful tools we were able to give them at AWAKE21, with a renewed outlook and a fresh passion for Yeshua that will not only strengthen their own faith but will turn them into walking talking lighthouses for the Lord in Israel.

If you have a heart for young people in Israel and you feel passionate about supporting what God is doing among the youth in Israel, become a part of it today!