Natalia first moved to Israel from Russia along with her husband two years ago. We had a chance to get to know her through her daughter-in-law Liza, who got saved here at Beit Hallel 6 months ago.

During our recent evangelism outreach event and biblical tour, Natalia and her husband became really interested in learning more about Yeshua, so they signed up for our Discipleship Course for “seekers”.

After the completion of each Discipleship Course, we organize a baptism trip to Jordan River, to give people the opportunity to receive Yeshua as their Lord, as well as seal their covenant with Him through baptism.

Natalia and her husband both decided to receive the Lord and to be baptized, even though she was still in doubt.

On the eve of her baptism, Natalia came under heavy spiritual attack and told her husband that she was backing out, she would not go through with the baptism.

We had a chance to pray with her when she expressed her doubts. We encouraged her, but made it clear that she was absolutely free to make the decision she wanted.

After we prayed, Natalia told us that she would not get baptized, but that she would still like to go with her husband to support him as he gets baptized. Her decision was made, and she did not intend to be baptized, so she didn’t even take a change of clothing with her.

At the baptism site, we all prayed together as a group and the presence of God was so undeniably powerful and tangible.

Suddenly Natalia came forward and said: “I need to get baptized!”

As she was approaching the steps that led down into the water, she literally started running, despite the fact that she had had severe knee injuries that prevented her from running. She couldn’t even explain it, only that she felt that the Lord was carrying her!

During her baptism, she experienced something truly special. As she was being immersed, there was lightness and freedom, Natalia said. She saw the water was filled with luminous light as if it had become liquid gold, and she felt warm and powerful hands embracing and holding her, hands that could be trusted and would never let her go.

Natalia’s whole life shifted after her baptism. It was a truly life-changing event that made her into a new person.

She is now an active participant in our Bible Studies and attends our worship services regularly.

She couldn’t possibly let go of Yeshua’s loving hands that embraced her when she was being baptized and brought her home.