A Longing

A Longing

A Mother’s Perspective

When the war broke out, I left Ukraine and moved to Israel, hoping for a better life for my children They had already been through so much. They had seen death up close and lost several friends to the bombings in our city. It was heartbreaking leaving behind their friends and family, but I needed to get them somewhere safe. Because we had to leave so quickly, I could only allow them to bring one suitcase of their belongings. The look on their faces, as they had to make the choice of their one favorite toy to bring, was something no mother wants to experience.

Once we arrived in Ashdod, I started searching for a place to live. Housing was hard to find and very expensive. I used all of what I had saved for this move as a down payment on our small, one-bedroom apartment, telling myself and the kids that this was only temporary. We would get a bigger place once I was on my feet.

I had no idea how I was going to make this work. The job I found only paid enough for rent and food. We were struggling, but my kids were safe, and that is what mattered. They no longer had to live in fear or worry about their friends dying. They now had a chance to live a normal life, make new friends, go to school. This is all a mother’s heart longs for.

As the time to start school to got closer, I began to worry about how I was going to afford the things they were going to need. I had no extra money for backpacks, supplies, or books. I barely had enough to pay my rent. I began lying awake at night, praying for an answer. I struggled to put on a happy face as my children talked excitedly about starting school, but deep down, I was very depressed. How were my children going to fit in with their new friends when I couldn’t even provide the basic necessities, they needed to start school?

Then, I heard about an American Christian organization that was helping to provide children of immigrants like me with backpacks full of supplies and book vouchers. I immediately called the organization and was told they were sponsoring a “campaign” soon and invited my children and me to attend.

The people there were so loving and kind. My kids had such a wonderful time! I hadn’t seen them that happy in so long. My youngest received a backpack with his favorite cartoon on it. He was sure they got it just for him. Tears of joy rolled down my face as they pulled out all their supplies and shared their excitement with me. I am thanking God for these Christian people who care enough to help people they do not even know.

An anonymous but grateful mother!

Over 100,000 new immigrants have moved to Israel since 2022. Over 18,600 new Jewish immigrants arrived in Israel in the first quarter of 2023 alone. That is a jump of 24% over the same period in 2022 – which was already the best year for Aliyah in over two decades. 

Please help us support these new Olim (immigrants) by sponsoring a child in Israel with a backpack filled with school supplies and book vouchers. For only $100 you can give a child the start they will need for their “first time to school” in Israel. You can make a difference that will be felt in the lives of these struggling parents and children. Any amount towards this vital program will help. Consider being a blessing to a child today!