A New Lease on Life!

A New Lease on Life!

Anya and Natasha are mother and daughter who have recently made Aliyah (immigration) to Israel from Ukraine. As the war continued and the situation there became unbearable, they knew it was time to make the leap of faith and return to their homeland.

It was not an easy journey. Adapting to a new country with a different language and lifestyle had been very difficult. To make matters worse, Anya had just been diagnosed with a rare bone disease, affecting her ability to walk.

We sat down with both the ladies to share the Gospel and to pray for Anya’s healing. We could see the profound power of the Holy Spirit begin to work immediately as The Word went forth, piercing their hearts and bringing them to tears. After we had finished, they asked if we could lead them in the prayer of salvation. We could see the sincere desire to be born again on their faces as we held their hands to pray the sinner’s prayer.

All of Heaven rejoiced that day as two new names were written in the Lamb’s Book of Life! 

Before we left, we gave them each a Bible and a study plan. We also invited them to attend our church services and home group meetings. To our delight, both women quickly accepted.

We are blessed that they have chosen to make our congregation their spiritual home and life and have found a new lease on life! It is a blessing that people can hear the Word of God and have their lives renewed as only Jesus can. Hallelujah!