A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home

When God speaks about women in the Bible, He puts great emphasis on their value and how precious they are to Him, as well as to the world. How they are portrayed and referenced in the Bible gives us a glimpse into God’s heart when it comes to the place they occupy in His plan for mankind. 

Women are the ones that ensure the seeds sown grow healthy and fruitful. It is impossible to overemphasize the significance of their role in our lives, as well as the importance of their God-given calling. Helping them step into and reach their full potential is not only a privilege; it is a priority to us.

During last week’s special women’s gathering, there were some incredible and raw moments where women opened up and poured their hearts out, allowing themselves to be vulnerable while being encouraged and held. 

One young lady, Zhanna, shared how she has been actively pursuing God for a while now, trying to find answers to the questions in her heart. However, it was only when she started coming to our women’s gatherings, she began to find those answers. She discovered that what she had been looking for was a sense of belonging, and she found that at Beit Hallel. 

The meeting was filled with hurt and struggling women from all walks of life. A domestic violence survivor finally received the peace she had been searching for when the other women prayed for her. There was also a young single mother of 2 who recently arrived in Israel all alone, with no family. She had been feeling very alone and afraid, but now, she had finally found a family to love her and her children.

We host these powerful women’s gatherings regularly at Beit Hallel, because we know their impact on women’s lives. For many, these meetings serve as a bandage for an open wound, promoting healthy healing. Through encouragement and the hope of Jehovah’s Word, more and more ladies are coming.

We are called to be carriers of His healing to this hurt world. To be able to do just that for women in our community and give them the opportunity to encounter God through love and kindness is an amazing blessing! 

Please consider supporting our women’s ministry here at Beit Hallel. We are making a difference in lives and hearts by lifting up and encouraging the women in our community. They are the nurturers of our children, families, communities, churches, and society. 

And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord.

Luke 1:44