An Authentic Passover
Celebrating Seder in the Wilderness
An annual tradition we have, and one that has become a huge blessing for everyone that got to experience it, is a truly authentic Passover Seder in the desert. A few years ago God laid it on my heart to create a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience for our congregation and organize a traditional, biblical, and authentic Passover Seder meal in the desert. The goal was to enable people to have a more profound experience of the real significance of this biblical feast, so we went the “extra mile” and organized a special night in the desert where we celebrated the traditional Seder meal on Passover Eve. It was such an incredible experience that nobody wanted to leave. We knew God had given us something special: the ability to bless people with a truly biblical experience that leaves no heart untouched and no life unchanged. However, it’s been two years since we’ve been able to host a true Seder in the desert due to the pandemic. This year we will be hosting it once again and we couldn’t be more excited! While the nation of Israel will be coming together to celebrate the most important festival in the bible, Beit Hallel Congregation will be celebrating in this unique way: in the wilderness, just as the first seder took place after God brought out the Israelites from Egypt. It will be a very special time of fellowship and celebration of Passover in the desert, and the ability to give them this experience, specifically during Passover, when the whole nation celebrates God taking us out of Egypt, guiding us through the desert and bringing us into His promised Land, becomes so much more profound. We want to bless 50 families of new Olim (immigrants), most of whom are arriving after witnessing the horrors of war. Now they can get a chance to witness God’s love and His word in a way they’ve never experienced before. Consider sponsoring a person for a donation of $50, or a family of 4 for a donation of $200. It is an opportunity to enrich these precious people with the love of God through a unique Passover experience we will be taking them on.