An Open Heaven over Yafo and the Voice of the Lord
When Peter came to Jaffa he was met with the news that Tabitha, a righteous young woman who was known for her virtue and kindness, had died. Peter asked everyone to leave the room where Tabitha was laid, and he did what he has never done before: He prayed for her resurrection, and Tabitha rose from the dead! Peter had done a miracle that no one had ever done before him, except Jesus. I want to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, no matter how scary it may seem, and try to do new things you’ve never done before. Try to pray for impossible situations, because, just like Peter, your “impossible” miracle might be only one prayer away. The Bible teaches us to strive for spiritual gifts and for miracles of God. While many amazing things happened in Jaffa, there was one historical event that took place right after Tabitha’s miracle of resurrection: the revival that came out of Jaffa and swept the world. Peter was forever changed after that miracle and the world was never the same after the revival that started in Jaffa and spread like wildfire across the world. Watch Pastor Israel and his son Guy as they walk you through the ancient streets of Jaffa and share an insightful lesson on the power of miracles and testimonies that have the power to change the course of history.