Ancient Gates of Ashkelon remain standing

Relaunching the Congregation

Ashkelon is an amazing 4000-year-old city rich with biblical history, where the most ancient city gates in the world were found standing. They weren’t broken down or buried underground, they remained standing throughout history. Meaning, when Abraham walked around Ashkelon in his day, he passed through these gates.

Currently, Ashkelon is a vibrant coastal city that attracts a lot of young families due to its still somewhat affordable housing, mainly due to its proximity to Gaza. However, that also means Ashkelon has been targeted the most by rocket fire.

The past two years have been incredibly challenging for our Ashkelon congregation. Covid has brought so many changes to our lives, in the way we gather and do congregation. A war that broke out earlier this year has only made things more difficult for our work in Ashkelon.

It has taken many months and it was a long process of rebuilding our congregation in Ashkelon, but we finally relaunched our weekly services!

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…

Zechariah 4:10

It hasn’t been easy, but we are here, seeing the hunger and open hearts in Ashkelon and claiming the city for the Lord.

Please pray for our team working in Ashkelon, for the congregation and the ministry there, as well as for salvations in the city and for the Lord to move mightily in a city that has seen so much biblical history, whose ancient gates remain standing even after 4000 years, a prophetic symbol that God isn’t finished with Ashkelon. He is only getting started!