Andrei and Sveta – A New Beginning

Andrei and Sveta – A New Beginning

Andrei and Sveta are new immigrants from the Soviet Union whom we had met at one of our humanitarian outreaches assisting new immigrants in dire need of help. We recently had the opportunity to meet with them again to invite them to join us for our Shabbat service. To our delight, we discovered they had already attended several services and were interested in taking the next step.

We sat down with them, planning to only stay for about an hour to share the Word of God with them in more depth and answer some questions about salvation in Jesus. As we started talking, we felt the Holy Spirit begin to flow, guiding the course of our fellowship that lasted for five hours.

We talked extensively about God the Father, salvation in Jesus, and what it meant to be a Jewish believer in Jesus. Andrei shared that he struggled with guilt and condemnation weighing him down concerning his view of God. We explained that was what Jesus had accomplished for us on the cross and how he had set us free from condemnation and death. As a born-again believer, you now have life everlasting.

We then offered to pray the prayer of salvation with them, to which they responded with a very enthusiastic “Yes!” As we led them in the prayer, we felt a shift in the spirit, as if chains were being shattered. After we had finished, Andrei and Sveta practically glowed with peace and joy. They had been born again, and the change that had come over them was very evident.

They were so thankful for helping them along the path and guiding them to the foot of the cross. We told them that the angels in heaven were rejoicing over them and that God had wonderful plans for them as His children. We also invited them to attend our Bible School classes that would soon commence and about our local home groups, for which they were thankful.

Praise the Lord!