Answered Prayer

Answered Prayer

A Miraculous Intervention

She was sure she would not make it and thought she was going to die. Gerda was suffering a severe heart attack. Lifting her eyes to the heavens, she pleaded to God for His intervention. God answered her prayers!

Chaim and Gerda made aliya from Russia many years ago. After living years under the tyranny of communism, they made the decision to move to Israel in hopes of a better quality of life. They have enjoyed their lives in their home country and are now finishing their walk together, living in one of the retirement homes in Ashdod. That is where we had the privilege of meeting this precious couple.

Our senior outreach team had been making routine trips to the local senior home to share the Gospel. We regularly held meetings in the sitting hall, sharing the message of hope to anyone who had the desire to hear. One day, Gerda and Chaim unexpectantly joined one of these meetings. They became captivated by the Gospel message being shared, listening attentively as we spoke of Salvation through Yeshua.

They soon began attending our humanitarian projects to receive aid with food, medical and prescription vouchers, as well as other essentials our programs provide. It was after one of these projects, they contacted us with a desperate request that we come to visit them at their apartment. They wanted to hear more about our congregation and what we knew about God.

After enjoying tea and pleasantries with the couple, Gerda and Chaim began sharing their life’s journey. They soon came to the story of her recent heart attack. She told us how she had desperately called on God’s mercy, pleading for His intervention. As she soon as she cried out to God, her heart’s rhythm returned to normal. The tremendous pressure suddenly lifted off her chest, and her breathing returned to normal. She had miraculously survived the near-fatal heart attack. Although she attributes it to the grace of God, she admits that at the time, had only heard about God, she did not personally know him. The doctors had no answer to how she had survived and wrote it up to pure luck, but Gerda knows that it was God who interceded at that moment when her life flashed before her eyes.

Feeling led by the Holy Spirit, we shared our own personal testimonies and told them the truth about what is written in the Word of God about His healing power and plan of salvation for each of us. They both listened eagerly, receiving the Word willing. They admitted that they were both in dire spiritual need, looking to find peace. They needed the Lord!

Chaim and Gerda wept tears of joy as they prayed the prayer of salvation with us. God has completely changed the lives of this couple. They are now they are following Yeshua and are walking in peace and joy. Hallelujah!

Senior Outreach Team at Beit Hallel Congregation
(Supported by VOJI)
 Chaim, Miriam, and Elena