Being a Blessing to the Saints in Israel

Sukkot — The Feast of Tabernacles is here, and it is the time when the whole house of Israel gathers together to celebrate this prophetic God-given feast.

One of the most important commandments for this feast given by God was to rejoice!

During this festive week we, as believers in Yeshua in Israel, are focusing on helping and supporting fellow messianic believers in Yeshua here in the land. Those that follow Jesus and serve Him in Israel, many of these messianic families are currently in need.

We read in the book of Acts when prophet Agabus came and prophecies about the difficult years ahead, famine and lack that is coming, it was the believers in the nations that rose to the occasion to support their brethren in the local congregations in Israel, they collected an offering and sent it to the saints in Jerusalem.

Following the same principle, I want to invite you to join us and bless together with us the saints in Israel, who are serving Yeshua, but are currently facing lack.

Could there be a bigger blessing and privilege than to be able to help our brothers and sisters in Christ, making their feast of Tabernacles even more joyful?

Consider being that blessing today!