Being a Light During Hanukkah

Feast of Lights

In preparation for Hanukkah — Feast of Dedication, we assembled a team of our young people who came excited and fully prepared to work and help put together the Hanukkah Care Packages we will be blessing children and families with. Focusing on children, it’s all about making kids happy. We will never know the breadth of the impact this pandemic has had on them, but we do know that God’s love is greater than anything children might have to face at such a young age. Our goal is to bring a little joy, a little happiness, and a lot of smiles to their faces. If a small care package filled with holiday treats can accomplish that, isn’t it worth the investment? Hanukkah is a Feast of Miracles and Light. Could there be a truer representation of God than miracles and light? We were sent to be His light in this world, to shine brightly where light is most needed. To be able to do just that during this holiday season has a very deep meaning in light of God’s loving character. Consider being that light this Hanukkah season by sowing as little as $50 that will help bless 1 child with a special Hanukkah care package.