Believers Under Fire Praying for Gaza
I am taking a moment in between rocket fire and stepping outside to breathe, look up and share with you what the Lord has placed on my heart these days. My heart has been heavy and I feel the Lord is directing us to pray for Gaza. Can you imagine what the Gaza Strip looks like? It’s a very dark place, run by terrorists who practically hold captive the entire civilian population, making them suffer. Yeshua tells us to pray for our enemies, so we want to boldly intercede for Gaza, praying for its revival. Currently, missionaries aren’t even allowed in Gaza. I have friends who have tried to go into Gaza to minister to the Palestinian people and share the gospel, but they were denied entry because Gaza is currently run by radical Muslims. No Israeli or international mission workers are allowed. Let’s pray together for revival in Gaza, that God will use this situation and this conflict to open the doors of salvation in Gaza. That the missionaries and people of God will be able to go there to help and be a blessing to them. Only the gospel of Yeshua can change the hearts of people in Gaza. Let’s believe for open doors for the gospel, mission workers and that even through online outreach, people can be reached with the gospel. We pray for protection over innocent people and children in Gaza, for changes even in such a dark time. It is a testimony in itself when believers under fire can stand at a moment like this and lift up their enemies that fire at them even as they are prayed for.