Bless a Family in Hadera

When Covid first hit the world and became our new reality, little did we all know the extent of its impact, just how much it would affect our lives, and even how we do ministry.

It’s been over two years into this pandemic, and it has left behind too many casualties in many ways. One of them is small local churches and congregations in Israel.

The challenge to plant, build and sustain a local congregation in Israel has always been great, but ever since Covid started, smaller local congregations (much like smaller local businesses) have been the first ones to suffer. From gathering restrictions to full-on lockdowns, all the way to losing the little resources they had. Israel closing down borders for two years and banning international visitors has affected the local body and congregations in a significant way. We could no longer host groups and friends of Israel that present a big part of our support and are God’s blessing to the Lord’s work in the Land through the local Israeli congregations.

However, times are changing and with the lifting of many restrictions currently, the congregations are relaunching their activities, projects and services full force.

We want to be on the frontline of supporting these local Israeli congregations now more than ever.

A beautiful congregation in the city of Hadera was forced to downsize its activity significantly during the past two years. They went from a congregation to a small home group. However, people are returning and they quickly outgrew their home group conditions.

They need to resume their full congregational services, and they need our help as they restart and mark a new beginning in their ministry after a long enforced pause.

They have a lot of practical needs, and any help would be a big blessing to them.

If you’re passionate about investing in the growth of local Israeli congregations in the Land, please consider supporting this project by sowing into it as the Lord leads you. You would be investing in the work of the Lord in Israel!