Building Renovation Update: Verticality

Our building renovations are moving ahead full steam! Our team has made terrific progress in preparing the new sanctuary for Shabbat services, Bible School, Leadership Training, Conferences, as well as impacting Humanitarian Project projects.

The next phase of our building renovations involves a certain amount of “verticality” and reaching new heights, both practically and spiritually! The ceiling of our new building is fairly high at around 16ft, but it still requires a ton of work with regard to the installation of the electrical wiring, lighting, ceiling panels, acoustic tiles, as well as painting. A ladder or scaffolding won’t do in this case, and we need a safe and reliable Electric Scissor Lift (Model: Dingli JCPT0607DCS) as seen in the picture below:

This device will not just enable us to quickly and efficiently finish up renovations on the ceiling, but it will also be an investment with regard to any repair work and painting to be done further down the line at any of our other congregations and distribution points.  Our other Israeli congregations that do not have the finances to rent such equipment will be able to use this same unit. This is being a good steward.

This Electric Propelled Scissor Lift will cost us € 16,000 Euro ($ 17,000). Would you, your home group, or church prayerfully consider sowing a seed towards this practical blessing for the body of Christ in Ashdod? We would be so grateful for your help in this regard, and we firmly believe that God will also bless you in return.

“Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” Amen!