Calling on God – special prayer request

“Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.”

Jeremiah 29:12

Covid continues to be a very real and conflicting issue in Israel, and with the government’s ongoing restrictions, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to foresee any return to “normality” in the near future.

The current wave has been ruthless, and currently, we’re experiencing the highest number of covid cases in our congregation we’ve had since coronavirus was first declared a pandemic.

We need your prayers for the people that have tested positive here at Beit Hallel, entire families are in isolation, with varying degrees of symptoms.

Our associate pastor, Eitan, tested positive and was just released from the hospital after having his oxygen levels drop dangerously low, his X-rays showed some damage to the lungs, which we stand in faith for full healing and restoration! His wife, Yulia, is pregnant and also tested positive.

Prayer points:

Please keep Eitan and his family in your prayers, as well as other families that are fighting covid currently.

Also, please pray for unity, wisdom, and humility in the Israeli Government to govern justly and to work towards religious freedom, prosperity, and safety for the people of Israel.

For the rights and freedom of Israelis to choose whether to get vaccinated or not and against the rising marginalization of those without “Green Passports.”

For the prospect of compulsory vaccination of children in Israeli schools.

For the mainstream media in Israel that is largely delivering one-sided information, without making known the opinions of people who do not agree with government policies and restrictions.

For nation-wide unity, as a rift is opening in Israel society and division in the country is growing day by day.

For peace (Shalom) at the Gaza borders, as there’s currently a lot of tension that could lead to escalations and cross-border fighting with Hamas in Gaza.

For Beit Hallel’s humanitarian outreaches, as well as those of other messianic congregations and Christian organizations in Israel. During the Fall Biblical Feasts, we are proactively reaching out to the poor in the land, to help and support them with critical humanitarian aid.

For the salvation of Israel! During the feasts, the entire nation of Israel is praying more, thinking of God, and so it’s a very strategic time for the Lord to touch their hearts.

For Israeli congregations, because we can currently only meet in groups of 50 people, along with children, and so as a big congregation, we at Beit Hallel have to conduct several small services in order to receive everyone and it’s been quite a challenge!