Celebration of Pesach
Passover in the desert!

After having experienced the uniqueness of celebrating a traditional Passover Seder meal in the desert with our Beit Hallel family, we were excited to recreate this amazing experience again this year. Our vision is to offer people a unique perspective into a truly biblical experience during this important biblical feast, as well as to give it an authentic touch so it’s as close to the biblical times as possible. So we went the “extra mile” again this year, and it was more than we could’ve asked for. It was such a special time of fellowship and celebration of Passover when the nation of Israel celebrates God’s deliverance from the bondage of Egypt, guiding us through the desert and bringing us into His promised Land. A truly anointed and blessed celebration made all the more profound by the setting in the desert. Here are some highlights from this awesome Seder in the desert!