Christmas Praise Report: Celebrating the birth of the Jewish Messiah in Israel as it should be!
In the land where Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah, was born, Christmas isn’t really celebrated. Our goal was to create a special Christmas atmosphere, to teach people about this beautiful occasion, and remind them to be proud of their God-given heritage that enriched and blessed the entire world over 2000 years ago. Why shouldn’t the people of Israel embrace and celebrate the birth of their Jewish Messiah who was born in this very land? Isn’t it their heritage as well? We organized a special Christmas party inviting many people from our community to experience Christmas in its purest and truest form. Hundreds of families and children were blessed with music, food, and gifts during our Christmas celebration. Everybody was so happy and absolutely overwhelmed at the festive atmosphere we were able to create in order to bring Yeshua back into the Christmas celebration. We’re grateful to you for choosing to become a part of this beautiful celebration that opened the eyes and hearts of many people to the true meaning of Christmas. You have been a true blessing to the people of Israel, whether through your donation, prayers, love, or sharing about God’s work through Beit Hallel Congregation. Your support has been making a real difference in this nation, enabling more and more people to be reached with God’s truth about Yeshua’s origins. We’re grateful for you and your generous heart! May Yeshua multiply abundantly in your life the blessing you have been to so many people in Israel.