Claiming back the city of Ashkelon – Relaunching a Congregation
One of the places where God gave us the mandate to plant a congregation, was the coastal city of Ashkelon. A city that has always been targeted with rocket fire from Gaza, yet its resilience and biblical promises have made it fertile soil for the gospel. Before the pandemic hit, we had a growing congregation in Ashkelon led by pastor Eitan. With the Covid lockdowns and restrictions, it became impossible to hold services, and the congregation temporarily was split into home groups. The focus was shifted to outreaches, Prayer, and home studies. However, it is time to look to the future, strategize and continue building on the solid foundation of God’s calling for us in the city of Ashkelon. We are officially moving forward with replanting the Ashkelon congregation, relaunching our weekly Shabbat services, and gathering people once again for worship services. Home groups will continue to assemble every week, but we want to prepare the ground and create again an atmosphere where the Lord will come with His anointing as His believers come together in worship. When we think about Ashkelon, we think about the ancient biblical history of Canaanites, Philistines, Syrian, Egyptian, and Babylonian empires, and of course People of Israel in the midst of them all. This city has seen a lot of history, many empires come and go, but there are unchangeable promises in the Bible regarding Ashkelon, that eventually this city will return to the hands of the people of Israel and it will serve God. How can you play a part in the rebuilding and restarting of the Ashkelon congregation? By praying with us for Ashkelon. Study the scriptures, find Ashkelon in the Bible, there are many fascinating scriptures and prophetic words about this city, speak them out and pray over this city. Most importantly, the gospel is once again being preached in Ashkelon. People of God have been working hard in Ashkelon, sharing the gospel and making sure the kingdom of God is entering the city once again. Pastor Eitan has a supernatural love for Ashkelon, as well as a powerful calling to reach this city, and he needs your prayers as he relaunches the work of the congregation full force in Ashkelon, believing many people will be added to us. Please pray with us, help us in supporting the work of the new congregation in Ashkelon as it claims back the city for the Lord Yeshua!