“Comfort, comfort my people… “

As you know, for several years we’ve been helping many Holocaust survivors and elderly people, families in need, single mothers and their children on monthly basis. This work has brought people hope and encouragement, reflecting God’s love while touching and changing their lives.

“Comfort, comfort my people… “

There are so many ways in which you comfort God’s people, through prayers, encouragement, love, support and gifts. Here is an amazing testimony how believers from the nations comfort this nation.

Caleb Company lead by Don Finto and TodMcDowel from Tennessee, have been such a blessing to us in helping us support holocaust survivors in our city. Recently they brought a group to visit these survivors, to bless them, pray for them, encourage them, hear their stories and share God’s love.

The highlight of their visit with the holocaust survivors was when they heard their story and about their desire to conserve their legacy and memory, publishing 300 of their many brief life stories and testimonies of how they survived the Holocaust in a book. The book was published in Russian, and their desire was to raise enough funds to have the book translated and published into Hebrew, and distributed in Israeli schools, so the young generation of Israelis can continue educating themselves on their heritage and keep carrying the torch of a legacy and a memory of a generation that is passing away.

For three years they tried to raise the money for this project, and only succeeded raising $5,000 out of the $13,000 they needed. During the meeting they asked the Christians from the Caleb Company group visiting them to simply pray that God will help them raise the remaining amount.

When one dear brother from the group, Dan, heard their touching plea, he was moved and felt he wanted to help. He immediately approached Aaron, the representative of the survivors, writing out a check for the remaining $8,000 and blessing their project into completion. Hallelujah!

For the survivors there it was such a big testimony of the love and generosity Christians show Israel. They were so touched by this act of kindness as it was their dream and basically last will to keep their legacy alive through this book.

How wonderful when we, as believers, are able to show these people God’s love in action and see their hearts touched.