Discipleship – The Core Mission

We are called to be disciples as well as make them. That is what Jesus’ Great Commission is all about. Growing His Kingdom by discipling people just like He did. 

If these trying times have shown us anything, it is the tremendous need to put an even greater emphasis on spiritual support, edification, discipleship, and strengthening people in their new-found faith in Yeshua. As a congregation and Israeli ministry, we are called to be on the frontline of spiritual work, spot the needs and provide solutions and support.

After seeing people’s overwhelming response when they hear the gospel for the first time and seeing how God touches them at that moment, we can definitely see a spiritual hunger and a need for ongoing discipleship. 

With that in mind, we launched a discipleship course in Ashdod and Ashkelon for the newly saved and “seekers. ” (Seekers are those who are looking and listening but not willing to make the commitment yet). This class has over 40 in attendance each week.

Our discipleship program aims to give people the opportunity to encounter God and connect with Him deeper and more powerfully. At our weekly bible study meetings, we guide them through the scriptures as well as teach them the foundations of our faith. We also focus on how to experience a genuine encounter and build a strong fellowship with Yeshua once you’ve given Him your heart.

Please pray with us for this discipleship program. If you feel stirred to sow into discipleship work in Israel – know that this is a seed guaranteed to bring a mighty harvest of powerful leaders and devoted followers of Yeshua.