Discipleship Update Oct 2018

A major part of our follow-up work is maintaining contact with the people that we reach with the Gospel through our outreach campaigns, to ensure they remain rooted and established in the faith, nurtured and loved by their brothers and sisters in Yeshua (Jesus).  Recently we launched our brand-new “Foundations of our Faith” discipleship course which follows closely on the heels of our evangelism events, such as the groundbreaking outreach we recently held up in the beautiful Galilee. Over 20 people signed up after this impacting event and are now being discipled as new believers in Yeshua (Jesus), hallelujah!

Another part of our follow up program is the Beit Hallel Family Course that we conduct periodically to assist the couples and families that we reach with the Gospel. This dynamic course helps couples and families of new believers to build strong foundations, based on biblical principles and the saving knowledge of God. This course has proven to be a powerful tool in drawing people closer in their walk with God, and to receive a deeper understanding of how much they need Yeshua (Jesus) as their Savior and Shepherd in their daily lives. 

We’ve heard some amazing testimonies of just how much this course has impacted people’s lives! One such a family is Vladimir and Tanya, who have recently made Aliyah to Israel, and have been struggling to adapt to their new lives in Israel, as most new immigrants do. Their marriage and family life has undergone a tremendous shift since they’ve received the teachings of God on the importance of unity in the family, and praying together as husband and wife. 

They realized that they desperately need God in their lives, especially after they’ve encountered some issues with their little boy who was struggling to acclimatize to life in Israel. For the first time in their lives, they lifted their voices together in prayer to God. The answer came immediately and was a confirmation to them that they were on the right path. 

Also, during our most recent Family Course, more than half the couples were non-believers. They were visibly touched by the biblical teachings they received. There was much laughter, many tears, and most of the non-believers were challenged in their hearts. They expressed their eagerness to continue with the course and to learn more about God and His plans for their lives as families.

There aren’t any small or big testimonies, there is only the glory of God that shines through every situation and circumstance when Yeshua (Jesus) reveals Himself to the people who so desperately need Him.

Yours in Yeshua (Jesus),

Pastor Israel Pochtar

21 Days of Prayer – Aug 2018

Part of our vision and goal has always been to cultivate a strong prayer life, while building a strong praying community of believers here at Beit Hallel Congregation. Carrying the vision and mission God entrusted us with requires a great deal of believing, trusting, pressing through and of course, PRAYING. 

That is what 21-Days of Prayer has meant to us, and why we decided to initiate it at Beit Hallel over a year ago. We do this twice a year collectively as a congregation, coming together daily at 6AM, to pray together as we seek God and His will for our lives, our families, cities and the nations. 

We pray for breakthroughs, for revival, for impactful lives and service we can offer our nation, with one goal in mind always: being true disciples of Yeshua.  

It has been amazing to see the shift in the spirit through fervent prayer these past days, so I wanted to encourage you to send us your prayer requests as well, so we can lift them up with you before the Lord, from Israel. We want to be a part of your breakthroughs and answered prayers, so collectively we can bring glory to God for His wondrous works. 

Women’s Meeting – Aug 2018

There are so many wonderful testimonies we hear from people whose lives have been impacted one way or another through our various projects, seminars or courses. One of the many testimonies comes from a woman who attended our family seminar, and then came to our women’s meeting. She shared how grateful she was that she came and didn’t miss this women’s meeting, because God truly prepared something amazing for her. 

“During the service I realized that I was finally able to let go and truly forgive past hurts, friends who have betrayed me when I needed them most. It has been very painful and difficult to carry this burden through the years, but each time I tried to make peace, it seemed useless, until God stepped in. 

I believe and feel that it was something that I was finally able to let go off, in one instant. It was so important for me, and I’m thankful to God for this gift, this women’s meeting, for how I was ministered to and was able to receive the healing I needed. 

After finishing the family course, I felt so impacted and transformed. I had to let you all know that, you are a living testimony to God’s works, to the love He has filled you with at Beit Hallel. You’ve become so dear to me, and I’m so grateful that God brought me to Beit Hallel Congregation where I found family in you all.” 

She is Jewish, and her husband is Ukranian. Despite the common belief that it’s more difficult for a Jewish person to come to faith in Yeshua than a non-Jewish one, this sister is a great example of the contrary. She has encountered God in such a real and powerful way at Beit Hallel, that now she is asking us all to pray for her husband to come to Yeshua. 

It’s one of so many testimonies we receive almost daily of people sharing with us what a life-changing experience it has been for them to be a part of Beit Hallel, being immersed in biblical teachings, receiving guidance, support and prayer. 

God is doing some amazing things among us! Hallelujah! 

Discipleship Courses – July 2018

This month we started running two very exciting discipleship courses in parallel:

  • Foundations of our Faith course that helps lay a solid faith base in the lives of new believers, while helping them as they embark on this new and exciting journey with their new-found faith in Yeshua. 
  • Family course that helps guide families and married couples through the maze of marriage while trying to raise a strong united family in this world. By the time this course is even halfway through, people already realize there is no way they’ll be able to make it without God. In a way this course helps people find God first and foremost while trying to find their marital happiness. 

The response has been amazing, as well as people’s testimonies of how much their lives have changed, their marriages, even children as a result of them opening up to God while attending these discipleship courses. 

Please pray for a home group we want to start with purely new people who are currently attending these courses.

New Home Group for the Hearing Impaired – June 2018

A few weeks ago we had a great opportunity to conduct an outreach event for the hearing impaired. We gathered a whole bus, and went to visit some biblical places where we shared with them the gospel, allowing them the unique opportunity to soak up the atmosphere of God’s Word while standing in the very places where many biblical events books place. 

People were so touched and the response later on was overwhelming. Many of them wanted to be baptised in water, and we witnessed how important it is to reach out to those that unfortunately sometimes get left behind due to certain limitations. Thankfully God is not limited by our limitations, He is the God of the unlimited grace!

And so a few weeks later a new home group was born in the southern city of Kiryat Gat, a group consisting of only hearing impaired people who have received the Lord and are being discipled. What an incredible blessing to be able to minister to them and see how Yeshua is lovingly touching His beloved people. 


Next Level Youth Conference – Feb 2018

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.”  (Genesis 1:31)
What an amazing 2-day event! This conference was filled with God’s presence. It was truly a Jesus-extravaganza with young people being filled with the richness of the Lord. Our goal was not only to stir them up, but to challenge them, their thinking, their vision and way of life.  
The theme for this year’s NEXT LEVEL was getting creative with God. It was all about teaching and showing our young people that there are so many areas of life where they can serve and minister, not just in the church. Our goal was to bring them solid examples of professionals from different walks of life, who shared with them how they’re making an impact in their own environment; whether it was Yakov, our young Chef who owns a coffee shop and where he daily reaches people with the message of the gospel, or Yael – our artist and painter who displayed amazing gifts when she painted with her hands an incredible painting in 8 minutes, to worship music. We had a media expert who spoke about how social media these days can be used in very effective ways to reach the lost. 
 The young people were so inspired by the amazing speakers we had brought. Some taught them how to practically find their God-given gifts, some gave them actual tools how to start moving in their gifts and talents in their field of work or interest. God moved so powerfully during these 2 days and truly reignited a love and passion in the hearts of these young people for Him, for His word and His message. Our goal is to truly awaken the youth in our country, to be God’s light-bearers in the midst of darkness. 

Next Level Youth Conference 2018