Discover Tamar, the Ancient Fortress of King Solomon.
Israel is truly the Land of the Bible. It is filled with opportunities to explore and discover an endless array of biblical places, many of which hide in remote corners of the desert. Recently I got a chance to visit an ancient biblical city built by King Solomon and that has wonderful stories attached to it.

And Solomon built Gezer, Lower Beth Horon, Baalath, and Tadmor (Tamar) in the wilderness, in the land of Judah

1 Kings 9: 17-18

When you arrive at Tamar, you stand at the ancient gates of this city that king Solomon built as he was going down to Eilat by the Red Sea. As he advanced in his journey, he built stations and towns along the way, one of them was the fortress of Tamar. There’s so much history behind this place, as well as in the ruins of king Hezekiah that rebuilt this city and expanded it back in his day. It’s quite remarkable to think that right in the middle of the wilderness, a crossroad between the nations, as well as a crossroad for armies to pass through. One of the reasons king Solomon built Tamar, was to protect his journeys, his kingdom, and his people. It’s interesting to look at how in biblical times people viewed protection. Why out of all places, Tamar was selected to be established in this very spot, in the middle of the desert. It was considered a strategic crossroad, and it also has a source of water. It wasn’t a random decision, king Solomon knew this city had a strategic value and would be a very fruitful place for its inhabitants due to its water source and central location for traveling. What does a city need in order to survive?
  1. Water source, which symbolizes the Holy Spirit, refreshing daily fellowship with the Lord, fresh water of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Fortress of protection, which symbolizes God’s protection over His own.
From the city that was built to protect the people of God, their possessions and provide shelter for them, I pray that the Lord will be your fortress, refuge, and shelter. That He will continue to protect you and open a way for you to prosper even in the midst of the wilderness.