Documenting the Impact of our Humanitarian Relief in Ukraine

A few days ago, our team headed to Ukraine to deliver much-needed humanitarian relief in this terrible time of need.

The journey is not easy, nor is it very safe. But fear isn’t what drives us; compassion is. We rely entirely on the Lord to protect our team and everyone involved in this vital project.

Our goal is to bring a helping hand to those who are suffering, especially now as temperatures hit below zero and most people are left with no electricity, heat, or running water.

Our team is currently in Ukraine, visiting different regions where they will be meeting with Jewish communities, local congregations and visiting orphanages in the area. We will also be setting up relief centers and delivering crucial aid, such as food, generators, thermal gear, and tents that serve as heating stations for people without heat, folding beds, and more.

It’s visiting the local orphanages and bringing crucial help to these innocent children that really puts things in perspective. We’re all about showing compassion in a tangible and practical way that actually makes a difference, and the faces of these children show us how much we are needed in this area.

Our team is documenting their journey for you; the people they meet, the places they visit, the stories they hear, and the hurting people they are trying to encourage and uplift.

This video is a way to take you with us so you can see for yourself just how much your generous support accomplishes and how crucial it is to continue supporting this humanitarian relief we’re leading in Ukraine currently.

YOU have made this possible! Thanks to your generous support, we are making a difference in the lives of those who desperately need to feel the love and touch of Jesus.

If you have not done so already, please consider GIVING TODAY to bring relief to those who are suffering most right now. Your donation, no matter how small, can have a significant impact in the hearts and lives of these hurting people.

Thank you for your support!