End-Year Giving — The Final Push!

End-Year giving - the final push

As we look back at this complex, challenging and growth-inducing year, we can’t help but feel an overflow of gratitude for so many amazing things God has done through your invaluable support of our work. We’ve been able to do so many amazing projects, events, outreaches and ministry.

We’re always so excited to share these updates with you, to make sure you know just how much of a part of it you actually are!

Everything we do is largely thanks to the support and love you sow into our ministry, whether through prayers, sharing and spreading the word about us or through your giving and generosity… God is in all these things, and none of them are too small, because they make the biggest difference.

If you haven’t decided yet on your year-end giving cause, please consider supporting our work on a monthly basis, to ensure this ongoing flow of ministry is upheld uninterrupted throughout the year.

We are grateful for you and your generous heart!