Ethiopian Soldiers Video <br>Stand and Fight!

Ethiopian Soldiers Video
Stand and Fight!

Imagine relocating to a country already at war. Adapting to a new culture and environment can be overwhelming in itself, but adding the challenge of being at war would make one reconsider the move. However, this is not the case in Israel. New immigrants often view serving in the military of their new country as a way to show gratitude and loyalty.

This is the dedication of the Jewish people to each other and their Heritage. Even the young Ethiopian immigrants who have just recently arrived in Israel are eager and ready to join the fight to protect their new land. It’s inspiring to see their willingness to actively engage in defense of their new home. It shows a strong sense of commitment and desire to be a part of its future.

Pastor Sasson Pochtar, joined by Miriam Ratner, journeyed to Ibim, close to the Gaza border, to support these young Ethiopian immigrants who have bravely signed up to defend Israel. Along with much-needed supplies, Pastor Sasson brought his unique perspective as an active member of the IDF. Sharing his expertise, he strengthened their spirits and encouraged them to be strong in the Lord.

Miriam, however, was able to give much more. Many of the young people were brought to tears as she shared the story of her son, David. David was a young soldier who courageously fought the invaders on October 7th, saving countless lives before yielding his own brave life. The entire nation felt his death, but he will live on forever in their hearts as a selfless hero who loved his country.

What a joy it is to show these young people love and support as they prepare for battle. We are blessed by partners who know the importance of standing by Israel in her time of need. We are all God’s children and are loved deeply by Him. It delights Him to see His children loving one another.

Israel needs you! They need your prayers of protection from the evil that wants to see God’s people destroyed. Your prayers are a supernatural dome that covers and hides her from her enemies. Your gifts help us to bless these young soldiers with much-needed supplies that are a necessity in the field. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! If you have not supported VOJI in the past, THIS IS THE TIME to do so. A line is being drawn, and now is not a time to sit back and watch. NOW is the time to STAND!