First Time to School in Israel
Summer is coming to an end and while Israeli children are enjoying the rest of their vacation, their parents are scrambling to find ways to organize activities to keep them entertained while working full-time jobs. Adding to their stress, many parents are burdened with thoughts of the heavy expense looming over their heads to purchase school supplies for the upcoming school year that begins September 1st. This year, with so many families making Aliyah and arriving in Israel from war-stricken Ukraine, we saw a tremendous need among these families struggling to make ends meet. Buying school supplies and textbooks for their kids is an expense they simply cannot afford. A new school year is supposed to be an exciting time for kids to embark on a journey filled with new adventures, learning and creating friendships. But, for many of these kids, a new school in a new country can be an intimidating and frightening prospect. Lacking essential school supplies only increases the anxiety they are already facing. Our “Back to School” project is also a “First Time to School Project” for many families that have only recently arrived in the Land. It is our way of helping these families and these children as they take their first steps in Israel. Our goal this year is to help hundreds of children between the ages of 6-12 with school backpacks, supplies, and textbooks. Give today and help us send children of newly immigrated Jewish families to school well equipped. You can make a difference!